Just typed out a rant about labels but I’m not gonna post it bc I’d get so much hate for it and A) I don’t want to deal with that shit, and B) it’s so fucking stupid that people get hate for expressing a god damn opinion.

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I’m so glad that fall shows premiere this coming week and I start my new job because I can feel myself becoming more and more depressed and it’s scaring me. I just want to throw myself into work and then come home and watch tv and just repress all this pain and sadness and heartache.

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At this point is honestly kind of pisses me off that every fucking person I know can find someone who wants them and I can’t. I must just be one of those people that’s supposed to live their whole life alone.

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Saloon someone talk to me, please. I’m sad. Tell me stupid jokes to cheer me up or something.

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this picture IS SO PRETTY LOOK

Taylor Swift out in New York (April 9th)

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Chloe Moretz by Nick Hudson for Elle Magazine October

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And you've got your demons and darling, they all look like me...